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Host Families


Players stay with local host families during the season. This is a tremendously rewarding experience for the players, as well as for the host families. If you are interested in hosting a player or two from the Yuba City Bears, please fill out the Host Family Questionnaire and email to Michael Mink at michael@goldsox.com.


Yuba City Bears Host Family FAQ


In selecting our host families, we look for candidates interested in the team, student athletes, and our community who are dedicated to making our players’ summer experience positive and memorable. Yuba City Bears host families spend time with their player(s) and treat them as if they are part of the family. Players typically arrive at the end of May and will leave in mid August at the conclusion of the season. However, they are on the road half of this time. When the players are in town they spend most of their time at the gym or ball park, so they typically spend a limited amount of time at your home. The Yuba City Bears benefit greatly from host family support as host families help shape the players perception of the organization and community. Host families significantly contribute to the success of the team.


It will be helpful if your residence is close to Colusa Casino Stadium, but not necessary. This allows players to be close to the park and also keeps players closer together. Some players will have a vehicle, but there will be some that do not. We are looking for the players to car pool or take public transportation; however that is not always in their best interest for game/practice time. You are not required to provide transportation, but please feel free to offer if you would like. There may be instances where your player asks for a ride.


Your player(s) must have a private room for sleep and study. If you host two players, it is fine to have them share one room, but two separate beds must be provided. Each player’s bed should be dressed with clean linens and have a pillow. If you have young children, please ask them to respect the student’s privacy and belongings. The room should also have adequate light and ventilation.


A private bathroom is not required. If a player is sharing a family bathroom, they should have a place for personal grooming items and the door should lock from the inside for privacy.


Being a Host Family means providing a player with nutritious meals. Most Host Families include the student athlete in any type family meal. 
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